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Personal Loans

Borrowers Who Should Avoid Personal Loans

Today, large banks are not the only possible source of borrowed funds. Any individual may apply for a more accessible loan online and get approval within hours. Personal loans may even enable people rejected by conventional institutions to improve their financial situation. However, they come with their own caveats. 

Are these internet-assisted forms of credit suitable for everyone? Despite their tempting accessibility, you should weigh up the pros and cons carefully. Here is a look at the main upsides and downsides of such finance tools. 

The Benefits:

Easier to obtain

Personal loans are associated with softer requirements. 


Approval takes from a few hours to a few days.

Why Caution is Key

Borrowers whose relationship with credit in the past was far from flawless, are normally dismissed by conventional lenders. Hence, they are left with no options except for the extremely precarious payday offers and the less risky personal loans. 

However, the requirements for the latter may also include collateral and favorable credit history. Although some lenders look at just the income and credit score, others are more cautious in their selection of applicants.

This explains why personal loans look extremely tempting, especially to borrowers with poor credit history. In some cases, they give an opportunity to improve one’s finances and qualify for old-school loans later on. However, they may also pull borrowers even deeper into the ever-expanding black hole of debt. 

Personal vs. Payday

Another accessible form of credit is known as payday loans. These short-term arrangements are notorious for their extremely high cost and lenient requirements, which makes them dangerously popular. Unreasonable borrowers resorting to this source of funds often see their situation deteriorate, especially if they fail to read the contract thoroughly before signing it.  

Risk Assessment

Personal loans may be easy to obtain, but you should always start with your own risk assessment. Is your monthly income enough to cover the regular payments? Will you be able to repay the debt sooner and save on interest? Are there any other possible sources of funds? If your money management skills are poor in general, you could exacerbate your situation by misusing the borrowed money and failing to repay on time.

When Applying is Unreasonable

Naturally, when a person is faced with a financial emergency, the most accessible loans look like the quickest way to resolve the problem, and they often are. However, they must be approached with caution for a number of reasons.

Make sure your income will enable you to make the required repayments in a timely manner. Any delays will result in fees that will keep on mounting until you manage to cover the debt. People may take out personal loans in order to cover their existing debt, but not have sufficient income to repay the new one. In this situation, this is hardly reasonable borrowing behavior. If the loan is secured, with a vehicle or even home serving as collateral, they eventually risk losing their property. 

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