Personal Loans

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Personal Loans

How Personal Loans Measure Up Against Old-School Bank Loans

When you are in dire financial straits or need funds for a large purchase, there are usually several options at hand. First, there are family and friends who could be asked for money. Secondly, there are banks with their conventional forms of credit. And thirdly, there are online-based lenders providing so-called personal loans.  While asking friends for help brings embarrassment and possible souring of relationships,…


Potential Consequences of Defaulting

No circumstances related to the financial problems of the debtor can relieve him/her from the responsibility of fulfilling the obligations of the creditor. Failure or untimely fulfillment of obligations leads to the calculation of penalties, interest, and forfeits. If the debt is not paid for a long time, the financial institution has the right to sue the non-payer.  We recommend you to carefully study and…


What are the Main Personal Loan Pitfalls and Ways to Avoid Them

It’s an extremely intricate task to get money if you hardly make ends meet. You can get another job or sell some valuable things but if the pit of poverty extends day after day and you feel the lack of power to struggle with it, then taking a loan sounds like a rescue. However, in case you aren’t good at the financial sphere, applying for…


The Main Reasons for Refusing Loan

The reasons for refusing a loan can be conditionally divided into standard and non-standard ones. The former ones depend on the borrower, his or her past credit behavior, current financial and career situation, and are influenced. The latter are independent, and at first glance, they may even seem random. The borrower cannot influence them in any way. Standard Reasons for Refusing a Loan The presence…