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November 2012, Section 1/2

Section 1: 2012 JO Class A 16-U Northern National results; 2012 WASA adult teams’ national finishes; 2012 WASA JO highlights; 2012 JO Class B 10-U Northern National results; WASA elects officers for 2013-14; ; 2012 Men’s Slow Pitch Class D & E state tourney results; 2012 WASA state champions; 2012 WASA All-America selections; Wisconsin Line Drives (Roger Regez) column; 2012 Men’s Modified Class A, B and C state tourney results and photos; Out of the Blue (Chad Mitchell) column; 2013 WASA state tournaments.

November 2012, Section 2/2

Section 2: Junior Olympic News (Dale Ferron) column; Wisconsin JO team finishes in 2012 ASA Nationals; 2012 WASA JO tourney results and photos; JO Class B 16-U Northern National results; JO Class B 12-U Northern National results.

November 2011, Section 1/3

November 2011, Section 2/3

November 2011, Section 3/3

November 2010, Section 1/3

November 2010, Section 2/3

November 2010, Section 3/3

May 2010, Section 1/1

December 2009, Section 1/4

December 2009, Section 2/4

December 2009, Section 3/4

December 2009, Section 4/4

April 2009, Section 1/1

November 2008, Section 1/4 (893KB)

-2008 Season Highlights
-US Olympic Teams visits Stevens Point
-WASA Officers Re-Elected
-Farmington U-23
-2008 Men's Major Fast Pitch National in Stevens Point
-Wisconsin Teams in National Tournaments
-Wisconsin All-American Honors at Nationals
-Wisconsin Line Drives

November 2008, Section 2/4

November 2008, Section 3/4

November 2008, Section 4/4

November 2007, Section 1/4 (1.8MB)

-Wisconsin Takes Two
-'Bound 4 Beijing' Coming to Wisconsin
-Mandatory Reclassification Rule Revised
-Wisconsin Teams in National Tournaments
-Wisconsin All-American Honors at Nationals
-Wisconsin Line Drives
-State Player Races to NCAA Home Run, ASA Crowns

November 2007, Section 2/4 (2.9MB)

-2007 Wisconsin ASA State Champions
-The Missing Majors
-2007 Point Classic Final Standings
-2008 State Tournaments

November 2007, Section 3/4 (8.2KB)

-Junior Olympic News
-Junior Olympic Finishes in ASA Nationals
-Junior Olympic State Tournament Results
-2007 SCS Tournaments

November 2007, Section 4/4 (621KB)

-WASA Hall of Fame Hits 100
-WASA 2007 Hall of Fame Intuctees
-Umpire of the Year

June 2007, Section 1/1 (1.7MB)

-Quick Pitches - News & Notes
-WASA 2006 Umpire of the Year
-2006 State Champions
-2007 SCS Tournaments

Fall 2006, Section 1/5 (1.6MB)

-Triple Crown
-WASA New Officers
-National Tournament Results
-WASA Directory

Fall 2006, Section 2/5 (3.4MB)

-2006 WASA State Tourney Results

Fall 2006, Section 3/5 (3.5MB)

-2006 Junior Olympic Results

Fall 2006, Section 4/5 (1MB)

-2006 World Cup of Softball

Fall 2006, Section 5/5 (1.1MB)

-Coaches Clinic Featuring Mike Candrea

March 2006, Section 1/3 (1.76MB)

-Modified Pioneer Splan Steps Down
-WASA Hall of Fame Inducts Seven
-Fond Memories Copper Hearth manager
-2006 WASA Directory
-2006 WASA Spring Meeting Agenda
-2006 Team Registration

March 2006, Section 2/3 (1.09MB)

-2005 Women's Modified Class A State Tourney Results
-2005 Men's Slow Pitch Class B State Tourney Results
-2005 Men's Modified Class C State Tourney Results
-2005 Tournament Results
-2005 Wisconsin ASA State Champions
-2005 WASA Teams in National Tournaments
-Border Battle Goes to Gophers

March 2006, Section 3/3 (1.72MB)

-2006 Umpire Registration Card
-WASA Umpire of the Year Awards
-Wisconsin Line Drives
-Junior Olympic News
-2006 WASA State Championship Series Tournaments
-2006 WASA State Tournaments
-Why I Played Softball